Real Estate Investor Marketing | 5 Simple Online Marketing Tools

real estate investor marketing

Real Estate Investor Marketing | Boost Motivated Seller Traffic

Whether you have 20 years experience under your belt or it is your first day in the real estate investing business, there comes a time when you must look into what is available out there for online marketing tools. Here’s five simple online marketing options for real estate investors to take advantage of for lead generation.

Build a Website

This is probably the most critical real estate investor marketing tool. You need a website that drives more traffic to your website. It is extremely important to make sure your website is able to convert visitors into motivated seller leads. Visitors need to be able to see what you offer as an investor. Why should they choose to sell to you? Set up a sign up form and place it on the top portion of the page. Don’t make it hard for a potential client to contact you. For helpful and practical real estate investor website building, check out OnCarrot.

Start with Quality SEO

SEO or search engine optimization, requires writing quality content, offering a truthful service and utilizing white-hat techniques to achieve high search engine result rankings. Blogs such as Quick Sprout or Moz offer great tips to help get started. Or, if this doesn’t sound like an area of your business you want to tackle on your own, outsource your SEO.

Dive into PPC

Real Estate Investor PPC or pay per click advertising can be an excellent marketing option. With targeting and budgeting tools, you can make sure that the right searcher see your ads at the right time. The most commonly used PPC platforms are Google AdWords and Bing Ads. PPC ads differ from SEO in one main way. PPC can be “now,” as in your ads can show the day they are published. One of the details about SEO, is your website takes time to rank and that ranking doesn’t guarantee a good spot in search. I’ve seen plenty of good websites on page four of Google. Page four won’t generate any clicks. With PPC you can control, to a point, if your ads show on page one.

Engage in Social media

While most social media platforms are very different, most of them can be tools for real estate investor marketing. Facebook could be used as both a mingling spot for finding motivated sellers and a spot to promote your business. Twitter and LinkedIn can be great for interacting with industry experts. To be successful with any social media campaign, you must connect with relevant sources, share quality content and engage with potential real estate clients.

Analyze Progress

Without proper analytics, your online real estate marketing plan can be a dark passage. Link your website up to Google Analytics, or if you are using WordPress, you can use a plug-in, such as Google Analytics by Yoast. Analytics will allow you to understand where your traffic is coming from, what pages they are viewing the most, how PPC campaigns are performing and much more. The data generated will help you focus on the right pages, keywords and campaigns.

SoaringSEM offer PPC management as a source of real estate investor marketing. Contact us to find out more or check out our Real Estate Investor PPC Service.