PPC Strategy

Our Strategy is to Test, Analyze and Refine

We believe there is a requirement to have a clear and tangible understanding of our clients goals in order to exceed their expectations.

Establish Expectations and USPs

Knowing our clients expectations and campaign KPIs helps us make sure our campaign optimization decisions are in line with the client’s strategy. There is no point in spending time and effort on getting great results in a category that isn’t in the best interest of the client.

Here are some examples of the things we consider in our Real Estate PPC Strategy:

  • Some products or services may deliver higher margins and therefore need prioritizing.
  • A client may be a market leader for a particular product/service making them easier to market.
  • A client may want to introduce a new product or target and assign a separate budget and KPIs to break into this market.

Understanding our clients Unique Selling Position is essential when creating keywords and ad copy that is targeted and stands out. Overall this distinguishes them in their market.

Establish Target Demographics

Identifying your target demographics and gearing your campaign towards them is an important element of a successful PPC campaign.

We set the desired demographic locations based on client specifications.  Down to the zip code.

We Rack Our Brains for Keywords 

Our starting point for keyword generation is planting a list of seed keywords. To generate a seed keyword list we:

  • Review the site and existing keyword list and look for opportunities.
  • Use multiple keyword expansion tools.
  • Use tools to identify keywords being used by competitors.
  • Ask client to provide a full list of products and/or services.
  • Review the Opportunities tab within an existing AdWords account.
  • Review the Search Terms keyword report within the AdWords interface.

Once we have a list of seed keywords, we then create a list of long-tail keywords, if desired, and add each  keyword to its own ad group.

We also ensure that we submit each keyword on exact and phrase match terms.  We will include broad match terms if requested.  We also add the appropriate negative keywords and remove duplicates within the account.

100% Access

Clients will have 100% access to their accounts at all times.  All information and processes involved will be open to the client to review.


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