Campaign Maintenance


SoaringSEM Campaign Maintenance

Pay-per-click campaigns aren’t a set it and forget it process.  Without constant campaign oversight and follow-up, clients could be looking at hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in wasted spend.  We revisit each campaign and make changes as needed, at least once per week.

Keyword Term Search

When developing a campaign, it is a requirement that keyword maintenance is carried out on an ongoing basis. By regularly reviewing search term reports, new opportunities are created.  On the flip-side, monitoring poor performing keywords is essential.  Therefore, eliminating wasted spend.  Routine negative keywords at ad group or campaign levels are also part of this process.  Overall, it ensures an efficient account and maximizes intent keywords based on individual account budgets.

Disapproved Ad Copy Management

Paid search ad copy can be disapproved for several reasons. Incorrect symbols, trademarks, and/or punctuation in ad copy can be marked “disapproved.”  We understand the ad policies set forth by Google and other advertising networks.  If for some reason an ad is disapproved, we fix it as fast as you can say “Jack Robinson.”

Zero Keyword Impressions Management

Keywords that receive no impressions and have high quality scores will be checked in order to see if any negative keywords are blocking them, if ads have been disapproved and if bids are competitive enough to show on page one. If keywords continue to have no impressions over time, they will be paused or removed and replaced with new keywords.

Zero Click Ads Management

Following A/B testing ad copy, ads with zero clicks will be removed and rewritten.  This coincides with making sure keywords are showing enough impressions and ad position.  The ability to change ad text and increase bids will help improve the chance of a better click-through rate.

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