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Real Estate Agent PPC Management

Immediate-Quality Leads. All You Need to Do is Turn Leads Into Sales.

Pay-per-Click ad is a terrific way to get immediate traffic to your website.

SoaringSEM has both a short-term and a long-term traffic plan in mind for our Real Estate Agent PPC clients. Fast results yield clients while you’re building up your SEO, while long-term PPC campaigns compliment organic search.  Turn on some effective AdWords Real Estate Agent PPC ads to get leads immediately.

We do everything for our clients.  Everything is included for one low monthly rate with three different packages to choose from. All you need to do is turn leads into deals.

Trusted PPC Management

Real Estate Agent PPC Service

For our managed Pay per Click advertising service, you’ll work directly with a SoaringSEM PPC professional, who has managed PPC campaigns for real estate agents throughout the United States.

SoaringSEM is a trailblazer of Real Estate PPC and Internet Marketing services. We are an agency that has created successful PPC services for one of the leading real estate website companies.  We’ve also been able to generate high amounts of quality leads for customers in highly competitive markets.

SoaringSEM is a web marketing firm located in Oregon, specializing in PPC, Conversion Optimization, Social Media, and SEO.  We are also Search Engine Marketing certified along with possessing Google AdWords and Bing Ads Certifications.

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SEO typically yields a higher ROI overall, but lead generation utilizing PPC, is quicker out of the gate and is the #2 form of lead generation.  According to Webmarketing123 B2C Online Lead Generation breaks down to 41% SEO, 34.2% PPC and 24.8% Social Media Marketing.

SoaringSEM works with small to medium sized businesses in the real estate agent market to generate seller and buyer leads.

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First-Rate Real Estate PPC Services

SoaringSEM utilizes a proprietary Pay-per-Click platform to help keep client costs down and return on ad spend soaring. Our PPC platform and services offer you:

  • Unsurpassed Lead Optimization– We use a proprietary technology that we designed to LOWER your cost per lead – and help you optimize your ads for the highest quality leads.
  • Greater Reach– Our ads reach beyond just Google search.  We also utilize Bing/Yahoo search as well.
  • Conversion Tracking– Our conversion tracking method utilizes not only search and display conversions, but if desired, call tracking as well.

What You Can Expect to Pay: With Pay-per-Click advertising there are usually two fees associated with a campaign. One fee is the actual cost to pay the Ad Network such as AdWords or Bing Ads.  This fee is used to purchase ad space for certain keywords.  The second fee is what you pay to have the ad campaigns managed. If you choose to manage a campaign yourself, your major cost there is time and a lower overall effectiveness of your ads since seasoned PPC marketers are often able to decrease your cost-per-click more effectively than beginner PPC marketers.

To have SoaringSEM manage your Real Estate Agent PPC marketing with their real estate agent specific campaign approach… it’s a flat monthly fee of $349-$549/mo. for the management.  Then we suggest a minimum ad budget of $350-$1000+/mo. So you should be prepared to invest $700+/mo. at a minimum to get a quality and effective PPC campaign up and running. If that works or if you’d like to discuss this further, just fill in the form below.

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The first step is to schedule a meeting to discuss your goals and make sure PPC is a good fit for your business, plus we’ll discuss some data we’ve collected over time, so everything is laid out for you. Not sure about PPC?  Get a FREE, 100% No Obligation, Pre-PPC Audit.  Just give us a little info, and we will get started on your PPC plan!