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ROI Driven Internet Marketing for Real Estate

ROI driven internet marketing is our number one concern for clients.  We take it very serious and creating a campaign and hoping for traffic isn’t enough. You need a PPC campaign that achieves positive results. We make your ROI our motivation. From takeoff to landing, or planning through monitoring and everything in between, ROI is our focus. We have the skill set necessary to create and execute a lucrative PPC campaign. This is SoaringSEM’s Pre-Flight checklist in order to fly a successful PPC campaign:

  • Determine Goals –As with other types of business strategy, goals must be specific and measurable. You must decide precisely what you want out of your advertising. Your goals, such as lead sign ups, should be centered around overall ROI and business growth.
  • Identify Keywords—Identify keywords that target both your business niche and geography. These should include the services you perform, products you sell and phrases customers would use in connection to your business. We develop your target persona which in turn helps develop a list of high performing keywords.
  • Expand Keywords—Expand your list of keywords to see if there are any important words and phrases that we are missing. One of the ways to do this is doing a recon on your competitors to get a better understanding of your target audience’s search behavior and uncover more keywords.  This all takes a good amount of work and requires a certain level of expertise to properly execute. Our experience helps us understand how to utilize these aspects in order to help your return-on-investment.
  • Prioritize Keywords—As your campaign progresses, we will be able to get a better idea about which keywords perform well in your market. 
  • Categorize Keywords—We organize your keywords into different ad groups based on keyword titles. The eventual goal is to establish and track different types of ads based on the type of keywords. This type of organization keeps your ads directly related to the search being made.
  • Set up Ads—We keep your ads targeted, relevant and catchy.
  • Plan Content Keyword Targeting—We plan your ads based on the content from the client sites.
  • Determine the Desired Action for Conversion—Conversions are measured by tracking the number of people that perform a measurable task once they reach a predetermined page. Plan the action you want your potential customers to perform, such as signing up for your service, which is our ultimate goal.
  • Design Landing Pages—Good ads get people to your landing pages. However, you must have effective landing pages in order to turn clicks into sales.  We can provide suggestions to help.
  • Set up Means of Tracking—Establishing a new PPC campaign is only the beginning. You must also have a means to track and adjust your initial plan in order to achieve an optimal ROI.  We set up conversion tracking to any page you want, but typically is associated with the page after sign up.  We also offer call tracking in our Premium Package.

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