pay per click preparation

How to Prepare a PPC Campaign to Increase the Odds of Success

To be successful using Google Adwords advertising requires careful keyword selection and advanced campaign planning.  Designing appropriate landing pages is also an essential.     Pay Per Click Campaign Preparation Framework It is extremely important that you prepare your self before launching your AdWords campaign.Taking advance steps will make sure you have a better chance of[…]

How to Set Up Call Tracking for AdWords | Track Call Conversions

People are using search engines more than ever to find local Real Estate Investors. It’s estimated that Google receives 3.5 billion searches per day. Investors use call tracking to figure out which AdWords ads are generating phone calls. Without tracking, Real Estate Investors will have no idea if their money is being well spent. Call[…]

Scaling for PPC Performance, Profit and Growth

How to Scale PPC Budgets by Performance for Profit and Growth Pay-per-Click Performance For example, a real estate investors AdWords campaign that scales by performance can work within advertising goals.  Goals such as: Generating leads for their real estate investing business. Driving sign-ups for a monthly blog or newsletter. Campaigns that scale with performance usually[…]