PPC for Real Estate Lead Generation

PPC for Real Estate Lead Generation

PPC for Real Estate Lead Generation | Improve Your Results

As an investor or agent, you need to find a real estate lead generation balance of increasing lead volume while keeping the level of quality leads high.  The real estate market is in constant movement, so finding a motivated seller can be a challenge, but PPC marketing may be the solution. There are four important steps in finding just the right balance in order to create quality conversions. 

First, you need to focus on your individual market by setting up your targeted geographic location.  Be sure to take this step, or who knows what city your ads will show up for.

Second, choose keywords that will target potential leads, while not being too broad.  The right keywords help drive leads and in turn, into high ROI.  Along with this step is adding any negative keywords that attract poorly targeted traffic.  If click traffic doesn’t convert to leads, it’s not the traffic you want.

Third, write ad copy that is tightly targeted and compelling.  Make it tough, in fact, virtually impossible, for a potential lead searching to sell their house fast, to bypass your ad.  Include a solid call-to-action.  Phrases such as “Get Cash Offer Today” or “Cash Offers in 24 Hours.”  Be sure to use your target keyword in the title and/or the body of the ad copy.  Targeted ad copy also deters the wrong searcher from clicking on you ad.

Lastly, make sure you have a good landing page.  If you need help building a website, companies such as OnCarrot specialize in just that.  You need attractive offers, high quality content and a sign up form on your landing page.

Using PPC for real estate lead generation can save investors and agents a lot of time and effort.  If managed correctly, PPC campaigns can keep advertising costs to a minimum while skyrocketing motivated seller lists.  

With over two years involvement in Real Estate Investor PPC, SoaringSEM will build and manage your real estate campaigns producing excellent results, while keeping ad spend to a minimum.