Top 25 PPC Keywords for Real Estate Investors

Top PPC Keywords for Real Estate Investors

25 PPC Keywords for Real Estate Investors | Generate Motivated Seller Leads

PPC keywords for real estate investors are not all created equal. Some keywords work better to attract true motivated seller leads to your real estate investor website.

Some PPC keywords just attract people that are unrelated and have nothing to do with selling their house. For example, a search for “where can I buy house plants” could trigger the keyword I buy houses if you’re not carefully monitoring keywords.

You don’t want these types of searches showing your ads. They will just waste your time and money.

What you really want are keywords that show and prove their motivation.  You want highly-targeted PPC keywords for real estate investors.

Beware of Bidding on Broad Match PPC Keywords

If a seller is searching for someone to buy their house and they need to do it fast, they are most likely searching for phrases like “sell my house fast” or “how to sell my house fast”. You can target the main words in those phrases as well as all of the words in those phrases.

This is what is meant by broad match phrases. Broad matching can be risky and if not handled correctly, cost you a lot of money. If you target the real estate investor PPC keyword sell house fast, you are basically targeting all of those phrases that contain those keywords, even if those words are just mixed into the term. So, be very cautious when choosing to use this match type.

This is why I suggest making sure that the PPC keywords you use contain stray away from this and use either phrase match and/or exact match terms.

Long-Tail PPC Keywords

Long-tail keywords are the full phrases like ‘I need to sell my house fast’ or ‘how to sell my house fast’.  Long-tail PPC keywords, especially if you provide a local touch such as a city, will usually have less competition and a lower cost per click.  Roleplay and put yourself into the shoes of an extremely motivated seller. What types of search terms would you use to sell your house?

Your Real Estate Investor Website Pages Can Target Multiple Keywords

You can focus on multiple PPC keywords on a landing page. As long as that landing page is relevant and has some of the keywords in text. That being said, you don’t want to use a long-tail keyword advertising selling a house in one day if your landing page states seven. You want visitors to know what they are getting before they land on your page.

Top PPC Keywords for Real Estate Investors

Note: Some keywords perform better as exact match rather than phrase match. None of the keywords below are used as broad match. Be sure to check your search terms report in order to add unrelated terms to your negative keyword list.

  • Buy My House
  • Buy My House Fast
  • Cash for Houses
  • Cash House Buyers
  • Fast Home Buyers
  • Fast House Buyers
  • I Buy Homes
  • I Buy Houses
  • How to Sell My House
  • Need to Sell House Fast
  • Need to Sell My House
  • Sell Home Fast
  • Sell House As Is
  • Sell House Fast
  • Sell House for Cash
  • Sell a House Without an Agent
  • Sell a House Fast
  • Sell a House Quick
  • Sell My House Fast
  • Sell My House Quick
  • Sell Your House Fast
  • Selling Your Home
  • We Buy Homes
  • We Buy Houses
  • We Buy Ugly Houses

Now Go For It!

These PPC Keywords for real estate investors are a sample of what types of phrases you can be targeting. If this sounds like a lot of work and you don’t have the time, we’d be glad to manage your real estate investor PPC account with the goal to generate motivated seller leads.  Start Your Real Estate Investor PPC Service

If you have some real estate investor keywords you would like to share. Please add them in the comments below. Happy Flight!

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