PPC Agency | 14 Questions Real Estate Investors Should Ask

PPC Agency for Real Estate Investors

Real Estate Investor PayPerClick – PPC Agency Questions to Ask

As a real estate investor or agent, you should be concerned with which PPC agency to hire.

Here is a list of questions to ask a potential PPC agency.  Keep in mind that some larger agencies might have staff sales reps that are trained to offer a lot of outrageous claims and inflated prices.

  • Number of accounts and the spend each PPC manager is currently managing?  Make sure it’s not over-kill and that the manager will truly have enough time to dedicate to your account.
  • A follow-up to the first question.  How much (real) time will be put into your campaign?  Will the PPC manager just be reporting after initial set up or will they be diving in and actually optimizing?
  • Will you be forced to sign and contract for a specific time period?  It’s common to see PPC agencies have contracts.  One reason behind them, is PPC campaigns tend to take time to show positive ROI.
  • Are there any PPC set up fees that are required up front?  Some companies won’t have a set up fee while others may charge upwards of $300-$500 on top of the monthly fee.
  • Who will have control of the account if you cancel?  If the company states they keep all of the information, question this company.  SoaringSEM, lets clients have access to their accounts.
  • Do they have references from past campaigns?  Check out a brief history of SoaringSEM on our About Us page.
  • Can they provide any samples or numbers showing past campaign performance?  Ideally, these would be industry and possibly target market related references.
  • What type of contact will you have with the campaign manager?  Make sure there is an open line of communication and don’t be afraid to make suggestions.
  • Ask about ROI.  ROI for real estate investors can differ greatly from market to market.  Have a conversation with the account member to reach ROI benchmark numbers.
  • What kind of reporting will you get?  Does the PPC agency send weekly and/or monthly performance reports?
  • Do they use Bing Ads?  Bing is still a best performer and shouldn’t be overlooked.  Even though search volume doesn’t compare to Google, the competition on Bing is much lower, potentially getting much cheaper clicks.
  • Ask about past client performance.  Why did they leave?
  • Are campaign managers and agencies AdWords and Bing certified?  Not that it substitutes for experience, but at least it means someone has studied and passed a PPC test.
  • How long will it take for a campaign to be up and running?  I’ve seen two days to two weeks.  SoaringSEM tries to get campaigns live within three days, and most likely sooner.

These are just some common questions to consider when researching a PPC agency.  Overall, go with your gut.  If something just isn’t right with a promise or price, then it might not be the agency to go with.  Learn more about how SoaringSEM builds their real estate investor campaigns at How We Fly, PPC Service Plan.