Why Real Estate Investors Should Hire a PPC Service

Why Real Estate Investors Should Hire a PPC Service

7 Reasons Real Estate Investors Should Hire a PPC Service

1. Real Estate Investors don’t have the required time to set up, monitor and optimize a PPC campaign.

Most business real estate investor professionals don’t have the time to fully commit to effectively manage a PPC campaign.

In order to manage a PPC campaign correctly, constant monitoring, analyzing and optimizing is a must.  Without dedication, budgets can deplete without any return on your investment.

Unless you’re able to set aside hours in the day to run a campaign, it may be best to have a professional PPC service agency run it for you.

2. Experienced PPC Advertisers Know the Industry.

Experience can pay dividends.  Online advertising with Google AdWords or Bing Ads can be intimidating to a newbie.  First, setting up your account involves many different components, from location targeting and bid strategies to writing ad copy, which can all offer challenges.  If one of the components isn’t set correctly, wasted budget becomes a strong enemy.

PPC service professionals have the experience to configure accounts in order to maximize the potential of a successful PPC campaign and higher ROI.

3. Never-ending Keyword Research.

Creating the right keyword strategy can really help your campaign’s return soar.  Keyword research is a never-ending story.  You must evaluate, add and eliminate.  An oversight for real estate investors trying to tackle their own campaign is to add negative keywords.  Keywords that drive unwanted impressions, clicks and drain budgets should be added as negatives.

PPC service professionals know how to find keywords in order to make your campaigns successful.

4. Real Estate Investor Ad Copy Must Talk to Motivated Sellers.

Writing noble ad copy is one of the most important parts of a PPC service.  Great keywords and a wonderful landing page will be useless unless your ad copy attracts clicks.  If ads don’t get clicks from targeted searchers, your campaign might get a lot of impressions, potentially bringing down quality score.

A good PPC strategist will perform industry and competitor research.  They may even build target persona profiles, with the goal to create ads that will turn into motivated seller conversions.

5. Help Wanted: Must Be Able to Track, Analyze, and Optimize.  Forever.

A correctly setup PPC campaign will enable you to track all events and learn from those events.  From that knowledge, you’ll be able to maximize ROI.  This requires constant tracking, analyzing and optimizing.  This doesn’t happen in a week or possibly even a month.  It takes time to gather enough information to make educated decisions.

Tracking also requires set up.  Conversion tags and call tracking must be correctly implemented in order to record useful information.

Professionally managed campaigns offer reporting that can be used to improve client performance over time.

(If you’re not already using a real estate investor PPC service, you need to get started now.)

6. Pros Can Offer Advice for Real Estate Investor Website Landing Pages. 

A huge piece of the PPC journey is a quality landing page.  The content on your landing page(s) must concur with your campaign.  If it doesn’t jive, lower quality scores will be generated, which in turn, results in higher cost-per-click and lower ad position.  This equals: NO CONVERSIONS.

Most PPC service agencies can help make suggestions on how to optimize landing pages to get campaign performance heading in the right direction.

7. Don’t Fall Behind

Three tomatoes are walkin’ down the street.
Papa Tomato, Mama Tomato and Baby Tomato.
Baby Tomato starts lagging behind, and Papa Tomato gets really angry.
Goes back and squishes him and says: “Ketchup.”

If you aren’t willing to become a learner and stay on top of the latest technology, tools and strategies in the PPC game, you will become a squished tomato.  PPC is insanely competitive, so having a PPC service professional manage your campaign can greatly benefit you.

Start Getting Motivated Seller Leads Through PPC Advertising.

PPC advertising is a job.  It requires a tremendous amount of time and knowledge to properly run a campaign.  The PPC Management team at SoaringSEM would be glad to take the burden from you, so you can focus your Real Estate Investor efforts in buying and selling properties.  Check out our PPC service packages.



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