Real Estate Investor Facebook Tips

7 Tips for Real Estate Investors on Facebook

Most real estate investor have recognized that they’ve need to use social media to compete in today’s market, but the majority of investors are still novices when it comes to search engine marketing and Facebook particular. Sure, you know you’ve got to have a Facebook page for your real estate investing business but beyond that[…]

PPC ROI Calculations for Real Estate Investors

Stra Obviously having a successful PPC ROI is one the most important factors in your real estate investor PPC campaign.  To identify your ROI, you need to measure conversions, which are typically sign ups for leads. Tracking can determine the profitability of a keyword or ad text, and track conversion rates and cost per conversion.  Below[…]

Landing Pages That Convert for Real Estate Investors

Create Real Estate Investor Landing Pages that Convert Why should Real Estate Investor test their landing page?  To create landing pages that convert! There are two components to gain motivated sellers for your real estate investor business.  First, is to drive more traffic to your website.  Second, is to persuade that traffic to convert into leads.[…]

Benefits of PPC Advertising for Real Estate Investors

Benefits of PPC Advertising for Real Estate Investors Before you decide whether or not pay-per-click advertising would benefit you as a real estate investor, check out the many pros versus very few cons. Here’s a brief summary of the points to consider. The Benefits of PPC Advertising for Real Estate Investors 1. Speedy Results Compared[…]

Why Real Estate Investors Should Hire a PPC Service

7 Reasons Real Estate Investors Should Hire a PPC Service 1. Real Estate Investors don’t have the required time to set up, monitor and optimize a PPC campaign. Most business real estate investor professionals don’t have the time to fully commit to effectively manage a PPC campaign. In order to manage a PPC campaign correctly, constant monitoring, analyzing[…]

real estate investor marketing

Real Estate Investor Marketing | 5 Simple Online Marketing Tools

Real Estate Investor Marketing | Boost Motivated Seller Traffic Whether you have 20 years experience under your belt or it is your first day in the real estate investing business, there comes a time when you must look into what is available out there for online marketing tools. Here’s five simple online marketing options for real[…]